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...devotionals are available in regular and large print.  You can find them on the credenza under the pictures of the church’s stained glass windows in the main lobby. 

 Aurora’s Prayer Garden

Aurora’s  Prayer Rose Garden is located on the west side of the church, facing the afternoon sun.  A perfect place to gather your thoughts, read, write something in your journal, or take pictures.

All members of Christ's universal church are called to share in the ministry which is committed to the whole church of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, each member of the United Methodist Church is to be a servant of Christ on mission in the local and worldwide community.  This servanthood is performed in family life, daily work, recreation and social activities, responsible citizenship, the stewardship of property and accumulated resources, the issues of corporate life, and all attitudes toward other persons.  Participation in disciplined groups such as covenant discipleship groups or class meetings is an expected part of personal mission involvement.  Each member is called upon to be a witness for Christ in the world, a light and leaven in society, and a reconciler in a culture of conflict.  Each member is to identify with the agony and suffering of the world and to radiate and exemplify the Christ of hope.  The standards of attitude and conduct set forth in the Social Principles shall be considered as an essential resource for guiding each member of the Church in being a servant of Christ on mission.  
(from The UM Book of Discipline, 2012)


MARK YOUR CALENDARS - Womens' Retreat 2018

Rooted in Faith -- February 23-25, 2018

at the Skycroft Conference Center

in Middletown, MD

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See this article written in Towson Times & Baltimore Sun April 2, 2015

This vibrant outreach ministry has provided several hundred handmade shawls for persons in need of God's love and our prayers since its inception in the spring of 2007.

Comments from some of the people who have received our shawls:

"It was a wonderful comfort."

"They bring so much comfort and warmth..."

We donate shawls to local hospitals for distribution to patients as well as making them available within the church for person who wish to give a shawl to a loved one in need.  Not only are the recipients blessed by these shawls, but also those who make them.  Many who come to our meetings have shared their own personal stories of God at work in their lives - making a difference.  By allowing God to work through us, we too can make difference in the lives of countless others.  Please join us!

How can you contribute to our Prayer Shawl Ministry?

We welcome all who are interested in participating in this ministry.  No special skills are required - instruction in knitting and crocheting can be provided for novices.  Gatherings are scheduled three times monthly for your convenience - the group meets on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday from 6-8 PM in the church Parlor AND the 3rd Tuesday morning from 9-11 AM -- every month year-round.

Make and donate shawls even if you cannot attend the meetings.  (Brochures are available with instructions.)  Need a "shawl-in-a-bag" to get started?  See below.

Distribute "shawl-in-a-bag" kits for anyone who would like to make a shawl for our ministry.  Each bag has instructions, a set of needles, and enough yarn for one shawl.

Donate yarn, knitting needles, and/or crochet hooks, as well as coupons to local craft stores (e.g., JoAnn's, Michaels, A.C. Moore).  Look for collection bin in the church lobby.

Start a knitting/crocheting group within your neighborhood, family, or work community.  We will provide support in getting small groups started in retirement communities, senior centers, or other locations, if you contact us.

Volunteer to teach others how to knit/crochet.

Pray for the ministry and those who receive our shawls.

Contact:  Susan Brown ( ) and Carol Matlin (410-256-0657;  ).


If you haven’t walked the TUMC Labyrinth, Spring and Fall is a nice time of year to try it.  Located in the Cassen Memorial Park in the wooded area next to the church parking lot, this peaceful path offers a unique and special way to connect with God. You can take as much time as you’d like to walk along the stone-lined circuits of the labyrinth. The same path that takes you into the center brings you back out. There are no “dead ends” and no wrong turns. Spend time in the labyrinth in prayer or meditation. It might give you peace in a hectic world, respite from the worries of your daily life, or a chance to be with God in a way that you have never before experienced—or maybe all three!

After walking through the woods, make sure you check yourself for deer ticks, many of God’s four legged creatures live in the Park.