Sunday Mornings at TUMC

(pictured above) Praise Band during the 10:15 service

Towson United Methodist Church
offers 2 Sunday morning services:

8:15 AM
Communion Chapel Service

This is a traditional service, which includes communion every Sunday, and usually piano or organ accompaniment.
Gluten-free bread is always available... ask your server.

10:15 AM
Worshipping God Together
in the Sanctuary

This service is blended and richly varied.
About twice a month we open with contemporary songs led by our praise band.
And, about twice a month we are more traditional,
with one of these Sundays including an old-fashioned hymn-sing.

Every Sunday, we hear from the 3,000 pipes of our glorious organ.
And, every Sunday we are blessed by one or more of our five vocal choirs or three handbell choirs.
You may hear anything from an a cappella anthem in Latin from the 1500s,
to a classic with the organ,
to a recent song accompanied by our praise band.

Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month, and is open to all.
Gluten-free bread is always available - ask your server.

begins September 11, 2016 





Chapel Communion Service



Coffee, Treats, and Friendly Faces



Continuous morning CHILDCARE opens for children age infant - 3s, continues thru the 10:15 worship service

Room 122


Classes for Children and Youth:

Preschool (3s to not yet in Kindergarten)

Room 115

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Room 311

3rd Grade to 5th Grade

Room 312

Middle School

Room 216

High School

Room 317

Confirmation Class (for 8th graders and older)

Fellowship Hall


Classes for Post High School Adults:


Christians Under Construction
Class geared toward 22-to-40 year olds.  They enjoy discussing Bible truths and applying lessons to daily living.  They tackle issues they feel are important to their spiritual journey.  Class contact is Leslie Wagner.

Room 111


Men's Class
Men of all ages discuss a wide range of topics selected by the class.  Fellowship and service outside of class time present additional ways inwhich our participants grow in faith.  Class contact is Dave Turlington

Room 310


Tower Class
Using The Wired Word as a primary resource, this class will consider the latest headlines in a scriptural context.  All discussions are self-contained, so feel free to drop in (and out) any time.  Although we seldom agree amongst ourselves, all points of view are welcomed and respected.  College age adults are encouraged to attend.  Class contact is Kevin Gralley.

Room 214


Women's Class
Class is open to all women of the church, members and visitors alike.  Great class for college age women!  Contacts are Trish Turlington, Alicia Corson, and Robin Smith.

Room 212


Young Parent's Class
A group that meets to discuss, and help each other with, the trials and tribulations of raising infants, toddlers, and young children in a Christian way.  Contact is Lissa O'Donnell.

Room 114


Worshipping God Together - Worship Service



For children ages 7-11.  Begin in the worship service with your family; to be dismissed partway through the service for fun and learning.

Room 310


Pray and Play
For children ages 4-6.  Spend the entire worship service learning, singing, and having fun.

Room 114

 Map of First Floor

Map of Second Floor

Map of Third Floor